About Grimm’s Service

Grimm’s Service is a family owned and operated business that has served the Lake Oswego area since 1929. Fred Grimm founded this company on the basis of delivering a quality product and a high level of customer service. Fred’s vision is still seen today, with Mark Grimm (3rd Generation) providing quality automotive service at a respectable price.
Our goal at Grimm’s Service is to maintain a professional working relationship with all of our customers, to achieve a common goal of keeping your vehicle on the road. We have found that keeping up on routine maintenance is the most cost effective way of achieving this goal. Our team is happy to work with our customers to plan a schedule that keeps your vehicle in top operating condition.
To maintain a high level of excellence Grimm’s Service stands behind their repairs for a minimum of one year.


Please visit Grimm’s Fuel Company if you are interested in any of the services that Grimm’s Fuel Company provides the Portland metro area, such as:
Heating Services, Landscaping Products, Blower Services, Yard Debris Recycling